I tilfælde af at du ikke har tjekket din e-mail i sidste uge, så trådte Den Europæiske Unions Generelle Databeskyttelsesforordning (GDPR) i kraft den 25. maj. I den forbindelse er Ticketmasters håndtering af information vedr. dette blevet omtalt i velrenommerede medier fra Forbes til Politikens "At Tænke Sig". Det er vi meget stolte af.

Læs Forbes artikel om Ticketmasters håndtering af information vedr. GDPR her. Og du kan se vores omtale i ATS i billedet ovenfor.

Kilde: Forbes.com
"Ticketmaster (Grade: A+): The events ticketing company managed to turn a privacy policy update into a marketing campaign, complete with a tagline that served as its email subject line: “Privacy. It’s personal.” The email begins with a short video that mixes imagery of big stadium concerts, a soccer game and fine arts with smartphone images of users scrolling through the Ticketmaster app. The video pays off the tagline at the end by noting that “just like your taste in entertainment, your privacy is personal to you.”

The email itself starts off with friendly language that doesn’t sound like a team of lawyers wrote it: “At Ticketmaster, our fans are at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, it’s hugely important to us that you are in control of the personal information you share when buying tickets with us.” It then lays out three elements of the new Privacy Pages: that it’s clear and honest, that it puts the customer in control, and that it encourages customers to ask questions and learn more. Importantly, it contains just two links: a large call-to-action button to view the Privacy Policy, and a link to contact the Privacy team".

Se vores omtalte video her:

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